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Gamuda Gardens covers the total area of 73 ha, which is one of the main 4 complexes in Gamuda City. Residing in Gamuda City's campus, Gamuda Gardens consists of 3 apartments blocks (The One, The Two, The Three) which have 7 26-storey towers with 5 underground parking lots. The apartments block provides over 1500 in apartments designed in modern style, high-class furnitures and surrounded by peaceful landscape and unpolluted green park, Settling in these apartments, residents will have a chance to wallow in the best quality living conditions compare to other residential zones in the South of Hanoi.

Overview of apartment blocks

Overview of apartment blocks


Gamuda Gardens is situated in a premier location that guarantees inhabitants the most tranquil and wholesome ambiance from the nearby green park.  The architecture style is contemporary that prioritizes the convenience, the window facility is arranged wisely to maximize the outside view and the volume of sunshine through the whole house.

Inside the apartments block, the constructor also built a multi-function hall, shop houses, retail sellers, a separate park in the ground floor and a beautiful terrace where residents can enjoy sunbathing, inhaling fresh air and looking at the whole area. In addition, the entire area is tightly controlled at a single entrance, protected and monitored by security camera 24/24 to ensure absolute safety for the entire inhabitants.

Presently, The One Residence is being implemented, providing 624 modern apartments which are divided into 2 27-storey towers, the North and the South:

- From 01st to 02nd floor: underground parking lot

- From 03rd to 26nd floor: 624 high-class apartments with 2-3 bedrooms each, diverse areas from 60 m2 - 83 m2

- The 27th floor is technical centre

The One Residence block

The One Residence block


Type A layout

Type A apartment layout 60 m2 – 64 m(2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Type B1 layout

Type B1 layout 66 m2 – 72 m(2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Type B2 layout

Type B2 layout 66 m2 – 72 m(2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Type C1 layout

Type C1 layout 80 m2 – 83 m2 (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Type C2 layout

Type C2 layout 80 m2 – 83 m2 (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Currently, The One Residence offers a lot of apartments with diverse areas with different designs, suitable for any requirements. Only from 18 mil/m2, customers can own one of the most high-class apartments in Hanoi.

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