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Terraced houses are one of the highlights in the whole Gamuda Gardens complex. With an impressive style, environmentally friendly, this residential zone will definitely bring a modern and convenient living condition to its masters.


Terraced house also known as Garden home in Gamuda Gardens offers 2 types: the standard and the small. The architecture embraces French classic style which elevates impressive and sophisticated features of terraced house. Each house is designed with 3 floors, covers the total area of  at least 118 m2, construction area is 68 m2, area in used is 224 m2, the front is 5,5 m2.

Including: living room, dining room, kitchen and 4 bedrooms, maid's room, study room, altar room or communal room, 5 bathrooms, car garage, front and back gardens.

All terraced houses in Gamuda Gardens have been completed and ready to be assigned to customers starting from 1st semester of 2014. 

Terraced houses for sale

Terraced houses for sale in Gamuda Gardens

Currently, in Gamuda Gardens various area ranges of terraced houses are available, offering best quality for any requirements. The price is between 47 - 73,5 mil/m2 (exclude VAT) with permanent ownership.

Payment process:

- 1st period: 10% on signing the purchase contract

- 2nd period: 10% within 60 days since the signing day

- 3rd period: 10.5% (0.5% added for maintenance fee) within 120 days the signing day and receive of property

- From 4th to 33rd: 1.8% x 30 months

- From 34th to 37th: 2.5% x 05 months

- 38th period: 2.0%

- 39th period: last 4.0% and receive the ownership documents.

In addition, there are other promotions for customers such as:

- 2 years free of management fee.

- 2 years free of club services fee.

- Award 1000 USD when using restaurants and sports complex at Club House.

- Award 5000 USD if customers move into the house within 06 months of the payment period.

Please contact our company directly for further advice.

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