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Gamuda Gardens is one of the main 4 complexes in the Gamuda City (including Gamuda Gardens, Gamuda Lake, Gamuda Plaza and Gamuda Central) invested by Gamuda Land Vietnam Ltd. (of Gamuda Berhad corporation - a leader in the field of infrastructure construction and real estate development in Malaysia).

Gamuda Gardens was constructed with the purpose of becoming a residential compound which has full modern facilities and overall amenities, such as clubhouse, Singapore public and international school SIS, kindergarten, commercial center (shophouse) with open space for offices and shops.


Gamuda Gardens is located at Km 1,5 Phap Van, Yen So park, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Residing in Gamuda City, Gamuda Gardens holds a strategic location in the South gateway of Hanoi, which makes it convenient to access other areas through 1A, 1B highway, ring road no.3, Thanh Tri bridge and possibly through ring road no.4 in the near future.

- 6 km to Hoan Kiem lake

- 25 minutes driving to Old Quarters

- 7 km to the center of the city

- 15 minutes driving to the Vietnam National Convention Center

Gamuda Gardens guarantees to be an ideal place for working, living and socialising.


- Name: Gamuda Gardens

- Investor: Gamuda Land Vietnam Ltd

- Location: Km 1,5 Phap Van, Yen So park, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

- Total area: 73 ha

- Green coverage: 50%

- Number of houses: 256 semi-detached villas, 418 terraced houses, over 1500 apartments

- Amenities: clubhouse, international school SIS, shophouse, kindergarten, international hospital...


Gamuda Gardens is located in Gamuda City. The whole area is surrounded by rows of trees and 5 stunning lakes. Gamuda Gardens includes 2 villa zones and 3 apartments blocks which are equipped with full modern services and amenities representing the most high-class residential zone compare to other areas in the South of Hanoi.

- Semi-detached villa: 256 villas have the area range from 189 m2 - 447 m2

- Terraced house: 418 houses have the area range from 118 m2 - 328 m2

- The apartment blocks consist of 3 27-storey buildings with over 1500 apartments in total.

1. Semi-detached villas in Gamuda Gardens

Semi-detached villas in Gamuda Gardens - Courtyard Homes were designed with traditional inspirations yet still prioritizes modern conveniences creating wonderful experiences. The area range of villas varies from 189 m2 to 324 m2, each one was constructed with 3 open sides overlooking streets and gardens.

Windows facility faces the front yard and side garden, bringing outside light and natural ventilation to every corner of the living room and dining room at maximum.  On each floor, the architect designed a specific area for whole family's activities, yet still respected the private space and the main function of each room: master bedroom, smaller bedrooms and kids' bedrooms.

2. Detached villas in Gamuda Gardens

Detached villas with Gamuda Gardens - Mansions embraced the sophisticated and upscale touch in their designs, bringing you a peaceful and relaxing ambiance.  Every villa has 4 open sides and all the rooms can easily catch sunlight and natural ventilation from the outside.

The highlight of the design is the water well located right in the heart of the villa. This is definitely a delicate feature to the decoration which is also a method of geomancy supporting the villa in energy rotation, air and light regulation.

3. Terraced houses in Gamuda Gardens

Terraced houses in Gamuda Gardens include 2 types: the standard and the small. Terraced houses are 3-storey modern designs and have a diverse area from 118 m2  - 328 m2 with an impressive facade by strong opposite color shades for creating highlights and layout for the house.

Thanks to 2 open sides with the aid of grand windows facility and broad balcony, houses are always brightened by sunlight from outside. The communal area is arranged and designed conveniently, suitable for every entertainment and communication needs of family members.

The architecture embraces French classic style which elevates distinct features of terraced house. The ground-floor, front yard and back garden make up an amazing line of air rotation and also separate beautifully private spaces for family members in the middle of vast nature.

4. Apartments blocks in Gamuda Gardens

Apartment blocks in Gamuda Gardens consist of 3 blocks that have 7 26-storey towers providing more than 1,500 modern apartments. Each tower has a 5-storey underground parking lot. The apartments are surrounded by vendor streets, retail shops that provide high-quality goods and services for every household. Security systems, video surveillance 24/24 guarantee absolute safety for the entire apartment blocks in Gamuda Gardens.

Currently, Gamuda Land Vietnam's investor is constructing The One Residence apartment block, which is one of the first projects in Gamuda Gardens with 3 types of apartments that can satisfy any requirements:

- Type A: 60 - 64 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and balcony

- Type B: 66 - 72 sqm, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and balcony

- Type C: 80 - 83 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and balcony


With the purpose of becoming the most modern urban centre in the South of Hanoi, Gamuda Gardens is fully equipped with high-quality amenities and services, providing for the needs of living, working and entertaining of all residents such as shopping centre, clubhouse, parks, Singapore international schools, kindergartens, hospitals ...


Shophouse called The Three has now completed its first stage with 15 blogs.  Each blog has 4 floors of 370 m2 - 475 m2 with 3 open sides of which one overlooks the ring road no. 3, one faces the main entrance of Gamuda Gardens and the backside looks towards Gamuda Gardens' apartment blocks. Shophouse is situated in a convenient spot which facilitate the business.

The rent fee is: 15.000.000 VND/sqm/month

Contract duration: 4 years

Promotion: 12 months free

Clubhouse in Gamuda Gardens

Club House in Gamuda Gardens has a total area of 3600 m2 divided into 2 zones: The outdoor and the indoor that are fully equipped according to international standards.

The indoor includes: lakeside café, restaurant, bar, gym, multifunction room, gaming section, mini casino, library... (Ground floor is 2.100 m2 sqm; 1st floor is 1500 m2 sqm). The outdoor includes: kids' pool, playground, park, 3 tennis courts... (Total area is: 3.472 m2 sqm).

Clubhouse guarantees to bring various moments of relaxation, comfort, vitality for every resident.

Multi-grade international school Kinderworld (SIS)

Kinderworld SIS in Gamuda Gardens is the first ever Singapore multi-grade international school in Hanoi, which covers the total area of 2.3 ha. SIS school is fully equipped with modern equipment, providing for profound learning and complete development from kindergarten to pre-university for circa 2,000 students.

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